1. Design, synthesis and characterisation of a novel amphiphilic polymer as a technology platform for multi-layer seed coatings, awarded by by national research council of Thailand (NRCT). (2015-2016).

2. Fabrication of novel ternary blend of biodegradable microfibers/nanofibers by electrospinning,

awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand. (2013-2014).

3. Preparation and characterization of crosslinked foam from polyvinyl acohol/starch/cellulose fibers for packaging application, awarded by Annual government statement of expenditure (2014)

4. Three dimensional eletrospun scaffolds for skin tissue reconstruction, awarded by Annual government statement of expenditure (2014).

5. In addition, other three research projects about hydrogel wound dressing and acoustic materials made from rubber latex, as a co-worker.

  1. The development of a technology platform for producing novel cosmetic hydrogels

  2. Design and Fabrication of Macromers for Thin film hydrogels used in Biomedical Applications

  3. Novel hydrogel systems for biomedical applications

  4. Effect of precurso structure on unibody core-shell properties and the study of dual anti-drug/ drug releasing system

  5. Porous hydrogel wound dressing incorporated with honey for aided wound healing

1. Preparation and Properties of Cross-linked foam from Polyvinyl alcohol/starch/Cellulose Fibers for Packing Application

2. Development of Thorax Phantom for Radiation Treatment Planning Practice of Breast Cancer

3. Improvement of Sound Absorption Performance by Two-Layer Materials of Rubber Foam with Bagasse and Bagasse Pulp Membrane

4. Para Rubber Phantom for Radiation Dose Verification of 3D Cancer Treatment Radiation Therapy